TMJ, Headache and Neck Pain Treatment

Dr. Hartman uses cranial adjusting and dural torque and myofascial release techniques as a means to correct TMJ, neck pain and headache problems and it is effective in almost every case. The cranial adjusting involves the Doctor of Chiropractic pressing on areas of the head while the patient breathes in and out. This creates a rush of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) flow to the brain.  Dr. Hartman will then perform a dural torque and myofascial release technique on the neck and base of the skull to unwind and stretch the meninges allowing for proper blood flow, hydration and nerve function into and out of the brain, which is very important.  This allows the CNSR (Central Nervous System Restoration) or NCR (Neuro-Cranial-Restructuring) technique to work smoothly and effectively as the Central Nervous System (brain and spinal cord) becomes well hydrated in CSF.  This is how to restore natural posture and brain structure and function.

Dr. Hartman was taught the (CNSR) Central Nervous Restoration technique by Dr. Jim McCarty D.C., who has been practicing the technique for over 15 years with excellent success stories as shown in his testimonials. He has been his mentor in this technique since 2010 as well as his chiropractor and he now works here at Hartman Family Chiropractic.

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